Frontier Art.

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream “- Edgar Allan Poe

These words by Edgar Allan Poe are so wonderfully crafted to send out a message.

We must indulge in art.

And art, not in its stereotypical sense, but in a sense that induces an altered perception. One that challenges people out of the mundane and sets them free. This is an endeavor, an initiative by The Psych Club of MIT that asks of you, the readers, to do just that. This section of the blog shall portray the artist, as a whole. If you have art that is appurtenant to any domain of a creative process then let us know.

Write to us at and we will arrange to meet with you and understand what drives you to explore the mind altering and imaginative world of art.

 – Aparajith Bhaskar


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